Photo Diary: My 1-year Blog Anniversary, The Flu & Cheeky Smiles!

This is a weekly subject from my blog, a photo diary of my life. I’ll try to post one every Monday, but when not much happened I will probably do one for 2 weeks! ;-) Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, the 23th of March:IMG_1956#life

IMG_2010Room inspiration! I would die for a room like this!


Mommy always said! #lifelessons 

Tuesday, the 24th of March:WHITETDB_Fotor_Fotor_FotorThe Pretty Little Liars season finale was today! And it was AWESOME! Twisty, mysterious & all I could ever hope for! For some spoilers on the new season read my Weekly Fashion News here.

IMG_2050Don’t mind my ugly “flu” face, but isn’t she just adorable!

IMG_1563Feeling like this.. #sick

Wednesday, the 25th of March:IMG_2043It’s like Paris after midnight, dancing in the Moonlight.IMG_2003I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.

IMG_2052#tb to Paris! Can’t stop dreaming about this marvelous place!

Thursday, the 26th of March:IMG_1964Constantly torn between ‘treat them how you want to be treated’ and ‘treat them how they treat you!

IMG_0047Why… I don’t know.

IMG_2004“The Place”

Friday, the 27th of March:IMG_0502_Fotor“… And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They’re quiet aware of what they’re going through…” -David Bowie

IMG_1156Late Night Rides through the city.

Saturday, the 28th of March:IMG_1964_Fotor_Collage_Fotor Today I’ve achieved a major milestone: it’s my 1-Year blog anniversary! One Year, full of opportunities, knowledge, meeting new people all over the world that I can call my friends, being in contact with 2 celebrities, model on a major website & so much more! And I could have never done any of it without you guys! Cause you guys, my readers, make me wanna keep going! So for that I’m each and every one of you eternally gratefull! THANK YOU❤ And so much more is coming! Read my blog post of today for more information about upcoming projects & travels here. 

IMG_1963Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes.

IMG_2068 Watching old seasons of 24 with my family, love those cozy Saturday nights with a blanket, the people I love & Jack Bauer saving the world in 24 hours from the craziest terrorist attacks! “DAMN IT!” ;D

Sunday, the 29th of March:IMG_2048Blogging & Breakfast!IMG_2001Mine just waves goodbye…

foto 2“SEE” you next week! “See” what I did there! OMG I’m so LAME! haha ;)

This week is over, let’s hope for a new week with a whole new adventure!

Lots of Love,