Promotion Work: 86-year-old Instagram Model rocks Swimwear Campaign

One of my dream jobs is working in the fashion, not designing but on the promoting side of it! I love fantasising about creating my own campaign because I love photography, I love creative writing and I love fashion. I love it all and would die for a job like that, so if anyone knows any brand that would hire a 17 year old, let me know! Haha, a girl can dream right? ;-)

You might or might not now Baddie Winkle, the 86-years-old Insta Famous lady, who with her badass & young attitude took instagram by storm! Well she is so popular that she is now the main model in a new campaign! The 86-year-old is the face of Dimepiece, the brand that, before Baddie, had famous people like Jessie J & Rihanna as the face of their line! You might think it’s weird to have somebody from that age in this campaign that designs clothes for younger people, well no! Dimepiece stands for comfortable, femme fatale & badass! So Badass Baddie is perfect! This is both hilarious & amazing news! This shows that the good stuff really comes to those who put their self’s out there! Love it!

Check the awesome shots down here:

Lots of Love,