YouTube: Life.

Today I have a short but very strong video for you guys! Ask yourselves: If life ended tomorrow, would you be proud of what you left behind? Check out my video down here: Life.   I really hope you liked it! Any tips or tricks […]

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Musthave: The Open Choker

Whether you consider yourself slightly punk, a bohemian queen, or elegantly understated, you can find the right choker for your personal style! And to give the basic chokers a little twist we now have a new one: The Open Choker! Collars and chokers are officially […]

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YouTube: My April Favorites.

I know, it’s not Friday so why a YouTube video? Well, because this is not the usual stuff I put on my channel but I wanted to try it out! Today’s video is my first every “Monthly Favorites” video, I don’t know if I will […]

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Life in New York_Fotor_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

YouTube: Life in New York.

Today’s video is the second video from my trip to New York! It’s, again, not a vlog or anything, it’s a little compilation of awesome, and this time, awesome moments that for me, really show how fast & funky life in New York is, but […]

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Trend Watch: Socks in Boots, Heels & More!

Who does not get the shivers from the thought of white socks in sandals? This spring, most people will have to recalibrate their fashion radar. Fashionistas and stylists proclaim a big spring 2015 trend: visible socks in shoes. They’d like them mostly in pumps, but […]

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